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Website Testing:

  Every web project is different, and it is best to develop a proposal for each project to ensure that you receive the best value for your allocated budget.
  Can people tell whose site this is?
  Can people tell what the site is for?
  Can people find what they are looking for?
  Can people achieve what they want to?
  Do all the links work?
  Does every page link to home?
  Is the code correct?
  Is downloading fast enough?
  Is the site accessible?
  Is the text legible, even to poor-sighted or colour blind users?
  Is the text easy to skim-read?
  Are menu names succinct and accurate?
  Are menu names succinct and accurate?
  Is the company's identity obvious on every page?
  Does every page have an obvious location: can people see what page, section and area of what site they are on?
Web Development and Website Testing Company in Noida
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